Construction of central heating in the house

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The installation can be primarily run through walls or under the floor. This should be performed during the construction of the house. Later interference in the structure of the walls can be troublesome.

The steps associated with the creation of central heating

1) First of all you should determine the place of installation of heaters. Of course, along with this it is necessary to take into account the points of connection of pipe installation, as well as places where you will find the distributors.

2) The next step is to determine the line of the course of all the pipes. All plans should be put on a paper on a special plan. Thanks to that everything will be much faster. Note, however, to avoid a situation where pipes pass through the doorway, make better use of the points in the wall.

3) After you draw the line of pipes in the building you must calculate how much pipe will be needed. Of course, it is worth to include in calculations some reserve for unforeseen circumstances.